Bristol 10K

By May 13, 2018Blog

Good Luck Bristol 10K runners!

Running the Bristol 10K today? Good luck and all the best for your run!

Thank you to all who entrusted me to get you ready and prepared! You will all do a great job! Whether you’re looking for a PB today, or simply just to finish: remember it’s such a great achievement! Don’t forget to dynamically warm up, activate your glutes and warm down properly before you grab that well deserved pint!

I have a big long list of you who are under strict instructions to do your glute activation before you run today! Make sure you find a quiet corner and get them done! Don’t let knee pain ruin your race!

If you pick up any niggles or injuries today, don’t forget to check in with me ASAP. It’s already a super busy week, as usual following any big race!

Good luck and run fast!

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