Did you forget your feet?

By September 4, 2018Updates

Did you forget your feet?

Not literally, did you forget your feet? But did you forget to mobilise your feet!

With the Bristol Half Marathon approaching, and the results of the London marathon ballot nearing – many of us are sure to be clocking up the miles.
If you’re in the Bristol half or have entered the London; I’m sure you’ve already found out the hard way that stretching is essential to making sure you don’t get injured…
BUT are you forgetting your feet?
Most of us are very good at ticking off the hamstrings, calfs and glutes but the feet are an afterthought! Even after pounding them for a couple of hours…they are often the last thing we think about!
Forgetting your feet and leaving them tight and immobilised can leave you with plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma, and hammer toe amongst others!

All you need is a trigger point ball, or a small round bottle of water kept in the freezer; roll it under each foot for 5 minutes spending extra time on the particularly sore spots.
I also recommend purchasing toe splints! They’re inexpensive and help to return your toes to their natural splay, helping to prevent hallux valgus (bunions!)

A great exercise to strengthen the muscles in your feet, is to put a towel or cloth on the floor and scrunch it with your toes! So easy, you can do it in front of the TV, or when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil!

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