What happened when I switched to barefoot shoes?

By July 5, 2018Blog

This year I have been inundated with running injuries; way more than usual. Humans were made to run, so why are we constantly getting injured whilst doing it? We’re doing it wrong! I want to share with you my story of what happened when I switched to barefoot shoes?

Long before I was in this industry, I stared out with a pair of ultra cushioned shock absorbing heavy ASICS, and shortly after made the move over to a similar version of Nike’s. As someone who has flat feet, I was advised against insoles.

During my early running days I had a whole host of issues: Flat feet, blisters where my arches should have been, hammer toe, bilateral IT Band syndrome, plantar fasciitis… all the glute activation exercises in the word weren’t helping and here’s why: my shoes! Spending 12ish hours each day in shoes that were undoing the 20-30minutes of glute activation exercises I was doing. I switched to barefoot shoes, watch the full video here:



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